Ask Dr. Z: Hinge repair isn’t that important, right?

Ask Dr. Z: Hinge repair isn’t that important, right?

Dear Dr. Z,

The hinge on my laptop is broken, and my Boyfriend keeps begging me to get it fixed. Right now, I feel like I have more pressing needs. When I use it, I prop the Laptop against a book and it’s been working fine. Honestly, I’m wondering if I ever need to get it fixed because it’s just a silly cosmetic issue. It’s not like my motherboard or screen is in danger. I wanted him to see your answer once and for all so he can stop worrying!

Brenda in


Brenda, you may not want to hear this, but your Boyfriend is actually right. What seems like a small issue now can turn into a bigger deal later. The longer your hinge is on the fritz, the worse it will get to the point where it may not even stay open.

You may be able to prop it up now, but what will happen when it can’t even stay up? Would you tape it to the wall? Put a small book in front of the screen to prop it up? How will you use your keyboard? Sounds like a headache, and not very practical, right?

angry man

It just won’t stay up!!

Not only would the hinge eventually lose it’s function, one false move could sever the cord that connects your screen to the motherboard. It won’t matter how you prop it up if there’s nothing on the screen!

Computer users tend to think seemingly cosmetic issues won’t affect device function, but just know it’s quite the opposite. The innards of a computer are a symbiotic system, all working together to keep you surfing the net, writing your paper, or using Skype.

Think of it like a duck on the lake. It looks graceful, but underneath it’s legs are working feverishly to stay afloat. When you leave space open in the hinge area, you’re also leaving it susceptible to debris going inside and ruining the diodes and chips along your motherboard.  At that point, a hinge issue becomes a motherboard issue which could become a keyboard, mouse, or graphics card issue.


BTW, NEVER have your computer this close to water.

Trust me Brenda, it’s an all around disaster. Take your laptop to the nearest repair service to be fixed. Hint hint, I know a great place!

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