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With over 18 years of experience, LaptopMD+ is the choice of thousands of New Jersey residents for computer repair.
We offer free estimates while you wait and a 30 day guarantee on ALL repair jobs.
Same day service available on most of the repairs.

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We Serve Passaic and Morristown Counties

Are you looking for a home or business computer repair in north New Jersey? We are ready to help you out! No matter what device might have broken, our highly-qualified professionals with more than 25 years of experience are ready to take on the challenge. We provide the best iPhone and computer repair NJ services around. Working out of Morristown - just a short ride from Wayne - Jersey Laptop Repair strives for excellence and convenience. You can bring your laptop or other devices to our office or have one of our expert technicians come out to your home or business for on-site repair. We also offer pickup and delivery services for all of North Jersey from High Point State Park down to Edison and New Brunswick.

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    And we don't just repair laptops and fix computers. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

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    With the convenient offices in Morristown, NJ and NYC LaptopMD+ is a full-service computer repair company specializing in computers, phones and gadgets repair.
    With over 18 years of experience, LaptopMD+ is the choice of thousands of New Jersey residents for computer/laptop repair. A company boasting professionally trained technicians with over 25 years of experience.



    Our highly trained technicians can take any broken gadget or device you have and fix it up better than new. And while you have your laptop fixed, continue working with one of our top of the line Laptop Rentals. You never have to miss a beat, and we'll have your computer back to you in no time at all. We provide fast service and prices that cannot be beaten. We offer free estimates and a 30-day guarantee on ALL repair jobs, whether that be computer repair, Macbook repair, iPhone repair, or any other electronics repair.

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    Those who look for computer repair in Morristown knows that there are many vendors available. In fact, if we’re talking about computer repairs, New Jersey is famous for its competitive market. This is a good thing for customers: companies improve their services to improve their chances against their competitors. We are professionals in the field because we know what customer service is. For us, it’s at the core of the business. Our aim is to save you money and time.

    How Do We Do That?

    • We repair everything that can be fixed. The majority of big service centers persuade customers that the laptop is dead and sell them a new one - usually, the one on sale. Others may charge an astronomical price to replace broken parts. We repair the parts to save your money.
    • We won’t leave you without your gadget during the repairing time. Many service centers have regulations to follow. Or you have to mail them a device. It takes much time, while a repair can be done the same/next day. That’s what we do. We strive to buy the necessary parts for a repair as fast as possible - overnight if needed. While we are waiting, we can provide you, for instance, a USB keyboard for you to use your laptop.

    Continuous development was a part of our mission even when the market wasn’t oversaturated. We are already famous for providing computer repair in Morristown and the whole state for more than twenty years. Our extensive expertise and experience make us true professionals. You can read all the reviews from our happy customers since 1999 on City search.

    We have seen the development of modern smartphones and computers firsthand and upgraded our skills and technology accordingly. Whether you’re looking for an iPhone repair shop or computer repair services Jersey City NJ, we are the right choice!

    Our professionals

    • Arthur’s journey in laptop repair and computer services has taken him from running Wall Street IT departments, at Fortune 100 companies like JP Morgan Chase, to teaching as an adjunct technology instructor. Arthur’s story begins in Minsk, Belarus. When Arthur was a boy, his family was forced to immigrate to the United States as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Arthur grew up in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and quickly picked up computer and programming skills through trial and error and a lot of bright intuitive learning. He obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology, propelling him into his career as a corporate IT manager and later as a computer services provider. Certifications/Specialties: A+, MSCE, CCNE, Network Management/Repair, Computer Instruction and Consulting First ‘Real’ Computer: Compaq 486DX 3 at the age 16.
      Arthur Zilberman
    • When Zoltan was a kid, he drove his parents crazy when they would buy him new toys and he would take them apart just so he could fix them and put them back together. As an adult his interest in taking things apart has diminished (slightly) but his ability to repair them has grown immensely. Zoltan, LaptopMD+’s Lead Technician, holds a B.S. in Engineering. His repair skills and wealth of knowledge makes Zoltan LaptopMD+’s premier problem solver – ask this guy anything computer related (or not) and he’ll have an answer for you. Certifications: Netcom – Information Technology, A+, COMPTIA Net +, CCNA Specialties: Data Recovery, Hardware Support and Maintenance, Mac Repair
      Zoltan Kovacs
    • Matt started as a floor manager at LaptopMD+ in January of 2010 and moved up the ladder quickly as LaptopMD+’s Chief Financial Officer. Matt, a Columbia graduate with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a Focus in Energy Systems, has a strong background in computer repair with 9 years of experience working on the hardware support team at SAS and has been working hands on with computers his whole life. Matt prides himself in being self taught and, though he lacks specific computer or technical schooling, has taught himself programming and software coding skills and has gone on to become industry certified in multiple technical areas. Matt is in charge of managing the staff and oversees all finances and business operations. Certifications:Certified by Dell (4+ years) Specialties: Business Development and Operations Management
      Matt Ham
    • Milan joined LaptopMD+ in January of 2010 and has a strong background in electric and computer engineering. Before coming to LaptopMD+, Milan worked extensively in IT support and customer service specializing in computer and network maintenance. Milan is one of many computer technicians at LaptopMD+ but is also in charge of working directly with customers on technical issues and managing all junior level technicians. Milan is LaptopMD+’s go-to guy for computer repair and customer relations regarding repair jobs and can be counted on for detailed computer repair. Certifications:A+, Microsoft Visual Studio (C+) Specialties: Hardware Repair, Network Maintenance, Customer Support
      Milan Popović
    • Originally from Argentina, Pablo Zauzich is LaptopMD+’s go to guy for onsite iPhone and computer repair. Pablo’s experience stretches across a variety of fields including computer and network repair, virus removal, data recovery and, of course, iPhone repair. Pablo has a vast array of knowledge managing onsite software and hardware installations and is a trusted technician for onsite support and customer assistance. Certifications:A+, Net+ Specialties:On site Setup and Support, Computer and Hardware Repair, Setup and Installation, iPhone Repair, and A/V Installation
      Pablo Zauzich
    • Dima, a systems administrator and repair technician at LaptopMD+, has a wide background in IT infrastructure management and maintenance. An immigrant from Russia, Dima has experience in bilingual computer training and support, most notably having been in charge of training and staff enrichment classes as part of his involvement on the IT support team at a top Russian University. He holds a M.S. in Computer Information Systems and has a wide array of experience in repairing computers and performing network management. Certifications:M.S. in Computer Information Systems Specialties:Systems/Network Management, Programming, and Computer Troubleshooting
      Dima Smetanin
    • With a strong background in web development and project management experience, Tim leverages the best of his analytical nature as the Director of Online Marketing at LaptopMD+ where he is responsible for the company’s marketing initiatives, project development, and online development. With degrees in communication studies and web development, Tim’s past experience includes ecommerce information architecture/development and new media work with newspapers including print, design, and online responsibilities. Before joining LaptopMD+, Tim worked in New York’s lighting district on the Bowery as the lead developer and information architect for a leading ecommerce and brick & mortar lighting company.   Specialties:Project Management and Information Architecture
      Tim Bogus
    • Alex came to LaptopMD+ from McDonald’s Corporation where he served as a business manager and assistant marketing coordinator for the Gulf Coast region, responsible for business development and the coordination of promotional roll outs. At LaptopMD+, Alex’s responsibilities include creative development of all marketing endeavors and is the head of press relations in addition to coordinating the company’s marketing and development projects. A native of the Northeast, Alex has worked in the past as a freelance writer, most notably for AOL News, Politics Daily, and other media outlets, and studied communications at Rutgers University. Alex has also worked with a number of NYC charities on a pro bono basis. Specialties:Content Marketing, Public Relations, Creative Development.
      Alex Mouravskiy

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    We can solve any computer-related problem you might have. Our hands-on expertise allows us to solve any technical problems you might face, from recovering data from a hard drive or SD card to repairing Macbook Pro and Air, smartphones, and even drones. Bring us any device of any brand and will fix it. Along with this, we provide tech support (even remotely) and virus removal.

    Our fields of expertise go far beyond hardware. We can help you with data back-up and data recovery if you haven’t backed up your data in advance. We are always confident of the high quality of our computer services. This is why every client has a 30-day warranty on all repairs.

    Our aim is to deliver the best Morristown computer services. To achieve this goal, we’re continually working to improve our services. This is why our clients can be sure that we have their back whenever they need us. Use our computer services NJ six days per week!

    Laptop, Macbook, iPhone repair in New Jersey

    With the convenient offices in Morristown, NJ and NYC LaptopMD+ is a full-service computer repair company specializing in computers, phones and gadgets repair.