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About Us

We know that trust is something that is earned and not given. That is why LaptopMD+ has worked hard to meet the approval of our customers, but we’ve also worked hard to meet industry and business standards that separate our computer repair company from the others. We don’t expect you to trust us immediately – we’re confident that we’ll earn it – but until you get to know us and who we are, take the word and the backing of the following organizations as a measure of our company’s standing and trustworthiness.
Arthur Zilberman
Owner of Jersey Laptop Repair
Arthur began repairing computers in 1995 and has expanded his services as owner of first LaptopMD in Manhattan, and now Jersey Laptop Repair in Pompton Plains, NJ. He is the initial point of contact for most customers and handles phone inquiries. Arthur received his BS in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology.
Certifications/Specialties: A+, MSCE, CCNE, Network Management/Repair, Computer Instruction and Consulting
Ivan Egorov
Lead Jersey Engineer
Ivan learned more about electronics and computer repair in the army than most people do after years of classes and certifications. Having finished his service, he began applying his knowledge to civilian life, fixing computers for friends and aquaintances. Recognizing his natural talent for fixing up computers that most people would have written off as a lost cause, Arthur recruited Ivan to head our new Jersey office.
Ross Lacy
Jersey Laptop Repair Partner & Manager
Ross is an aspiring computer programmer, with a BS in computer science from San Francisco State University. His experience includes work as both a freelance technician and a technology specialist for several corporations. Ross has many industry certifications including A+, MSCE, and CCNE.
Gena Velichko
Jersey Laptop Repair Lead Engineer
Gena is our second lead engineer. His comprehensive experience means he manages to solve every problem imaginable without breaking a sweat. Originally from Minsk, Gena graduated with a degree in engineering from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He has an A+ and MSCE certifications.
Zoltan Kovacs
Jersey Laptop Repair Lead Engineer
Zoltan is the speediest and most efficient technician of the team and his problem-solving abilities are legendary. After graduating from Netcom with a degree in computer graphic design, he found his real talent was repair. Zoltan has an A+, CCNE, Network+ and MSCE Certifications.
Matt Ham
Chief Operating Officer
Matt has recently completed his Masters in Engineering. He has seven years experience in the computer industry and has been working hands on with computers his whole life. MAtt is in charge of business advancements and also has A+ and MSCE certifications.

Why you can trust your device to us?

Nobody likes a company that doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do, right? The BBB is around to not only keep companies honest but also to keep customers informed about bad business practices, etc.LaptopMD+ is BBB certified and goes through an annual review process to make sure that the needs of customers are being met.
Things can go wrong. We don’t plan for them to but sometimes they do and we are prepared to handle those situations. We invest in TechInsurance so that our customers are protected when head south for unexpected and unforeseen reasons – you can rest assured that when you bring your equipment to us it is safe, secure, and protected no matter what.

Industry Certifications

The technicians at LaptopMD+ undergo regular training to make sure that they’re knowledgeable in the latest technology and best practices in the industry.
Store Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10AM – 7PM
Saturday: 12PM – 6 PM
Sunday: By appointment only

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