About us

We know that trust is something that is earned and not given. LaptopMD+ has worked hard for years to meet the appreciation of our customers.

We do not expect you to trust us immediately. But we are confident that we will earn your trust.

Until you get to know us and the quality of the services we provide please take our testimonials as a measure of our standing and trustworthiness.

Ivan Egorov

Our management


Co-owner of Jersey Laptop Repair Managing Partner

Ivan is a US Army Veteran, experienced manager , and passionate marathoner. 

Before starting his service, Ivan was a Chief Operation Officer at the LaptopMD flagman store in NYC. After finishing his army service, Ivan founded Jersey Laptop Repair under the umbrella of LaptopMD brand.  Ivan personally manages both NJ stores since day one.  

Ivan holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Management at an Enterprise from SIBSTRIN University.

Why LaptopMD?

Our customers love and trust the service that we provide. Here’s why:

Value: No computer or laptop repair company in New Jersey offers a better price on certified parts. We add value to each customer, particularly with our free estimates on all repair jobs.

Reputation: Our customers have shown their trust through their reviews. Members of the press including the Wall Street Journal have chipped in their accolades as well.

Trustworthiness: Third-party backers like the BBB and Tech Insurance confirm our reputation of the high-quality service provider.

Convenience: We’re open six days a week and work through almost all major holidays to repair computers, iPhones, and more for our customers.

Speed: Our repair facility is located on-site and we specialize in quick turnaround times. Most repairs are finished in 24-48 hours and same-day service is always available!

Laptop, Macbook, iPhone repair in New Jersey