Ask Dr. Z: Runtime Errors?

OK Dr. Z, I’ve seen you help others so help me. My computer keeps giving me runtime errors when I try to use certain programs and it’s annoying. I don’t know what a runtime error is, or the cause. A little guidance? Thanks!


Hey Nathan,

Runtime errors are annoying, and unfortunately they’re fairly common on Windows operating systems. Runtime errors occur when there is a miscommunication between the program you’re running and the computer, for various reasons. Each particular Runtime Error Dialog Boxruntime error has it’s own specific code. There’s a basic rundown below, but if you’d like to get deep into the terminology, contact us anytime.

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Dear Dr. Z, Why is my internet so slow?

Dear Dr. Z, I have Windows 8. My internet browser is moving so sluggish! It was working fine, but over the past few months it’s become so slow. Just trying to read my favorite news sites is a chore. What can I do?

-Larry in Morristown

Larry, check your internet connection. Are you using DSL? If so, examine your wiring. Sometimes bad telephone lines will fray and effect your internet speed. If you’re using a wi-fi connection, be sure that you’re not in close quarters with many other devices using radiation. Wireless networks operate on similar frequencies to devices like microwaves and cordless phones.


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Ask Dr. Z: Help me recover deleted files!

Dear Dr. Z, I made a dumb mistake. My hard drive is almost to the max, so I cleared out my recycle bin. I realized though that a file I really needed was still in there. I thought I deleted a previous draft of it, but in fact the file was the final version. I put so much work into it, it would stink to have to do it again. Is there any way I can recover that deleted file?

-Denise in Pompton Plains

Fear not Denise, you should be able to retrieve those files. Luckily, when your computer says files are deleted, they’re not really written over on the hard drive. You can find software online that will allow you to access those files and recover what you desire.

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