LaptopMD Co-Owner Ivan to run Miles for Mike 5K

Ivan Egorov running LaptopMD facilities in New Jersey, but on May 17th he’ll be running the streets of Pequannock in the 5th annual Miles for Mike 5K run! The 5K run is to raise awareness for Leukemia, a crippling form of cancer that event namesake Mike Coppola unfortunately passed from at the age of 16. Ivan will be running on behalf of LaptopMD, and hopes the presence of the brand will “benefit” the community.

“I think it is very important when local businesses support local community”, says Ivan Egorov of his decision to participate in the Pequannock tradition.

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Ask Dr. Z: Why is my laptop so hot?

Dear Dr. Z, my laptop is always running hot! I’ve had it for about three years, and for the past couple months it’s been loud and hot. I bought a fan for it, but it’s not really making a difference. What can I do?

James in Pompton Plains

Hot LaptopHello James, I understand your concern. Dealing with a loud, hot computer can be very annoying, not to mention harmful to the internal structure of your laptop. The source of the heat could be one of many things, but it’s most likely related to two things in conjunction: your computer memory and your fan.

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Ask Dr. Z: Is Microsoft Calling Me?

Dr Z, I was called by a strange number yesterday that told me they were from Microsoft and my computer was infected with viruses. They said my computer was sending messages to the Microsoft office, and I could pay them to fix it remotely. It made sense because my computer has been acting funny, but something didn’t seem quite right. I told them I would call them back, but I’m not sure. What do you think?

Beth, Morristown


Hello Beth, my first piece of advice is to stop corresponding with them immediately! They’re scammers,  and unfortunately they trick a lot of people into giving them money and sensitive information. They don’t offer any service, they just want to be paid. They will tell you they need your password and user name on various sites, then attempt to input the information on various sites, such as banking websites.scammer Continue reading