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Is your Laptopexperiencing software issues? Do you need OS reinstall or Virus Removal? Come to LaptopMD today to have it serviced! Our Pompton Plains and Morristown locations are open six days a week, providing full service to all Computer. No matter the make, model, or Windows edition, our industry certified engineers can diagnose whatever is ailing your software. Cut out the guesswork! We stay in touch with our clients via phone, e-mail and text notifications throughout the process. Don’t have your Laptop sent off to a repair depot for a simple issue. Whether your computer is slow, laggy, certain programs aren’t running correctly, we can provide the repair you need.

We provide the best rates in the area for software repair. We have all the software and industry experience necessary to have your Computer running at an optimal level. With over 16 years of device repair expertise, we provide an alternative to services such as the Geek Squad. Don’t wait in long lines, have to pay for estimates and have your Computer shipped off! At LaptopMD, our service is comprehensive and our lines of communication are constantly open. We know how important a healthy, properly running Computer is. That’s why we provide the software repair you need.

You can ship your Laptop in or bring it to us. Regardless of how your Laptop gets here, it will receive the same excellent service regardless. We’re devoted to going the extra mile on all. If you need a new Windows installation, we will provide that as well as reinstall your vital programs. We will also add the industry leading antivirus/malware programs to ensure your laptop will be protected. Care like this is why most of our clientele are repeat customers. They appreciate our service and we appreciate their trust in our expertise. Come to LaptopMD today with all of our software issues!

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