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Computer Software Issues:
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Does your Windows installation have your Desktop acting sluggish? It happens. Visit LaptopMD today to cure it! Our Pompton Plains and Morristown locations are open six days a week to provide you the service you need immediately! We provide same day service on most orders. With free, while you wait estimates and affordable rates, we prove our superiority to commercial repair services. Don’t have your desktop sent to a remote repair depot for weeks at a time or pay astronomical rates for services you don’t need. With LaptopMD, Windows desktop repair is as simple as a diagnosis and swift consultation on the best option within 15 minutes. No matter the brand or Windows edition, our Medics can provide the service you need. Not only do we repair viruses and spyware, we can perform simple Windows upgrades as well.

The Windows operating system is particularly susceptible to viruses. Windows users should be constantly cognizant of their internet surfing habits. Malware and Spyware are a click away on shady websites and in odd e-mail attachments. These malicious programs slither through your operating system and corrupt files and programs. Loading certain programs becomes an arduous task. Some viruses are so sophisticated they are untraceable by commercially available virus scanners. Luckily, our industry certified medics have the expertise to sniff out these viruses and provide the repair you need.

You can bring your Desktop in, or you can even have it shipped. Either way, our medics will provide the same efficient repair. Options like this are what have made us a staple of the Tri-state computer repair community. We serve Passaic County and beyond with the Windows software solutions they need to maintain their productivity.  If you need a Windows operating system repair or upgrade, come to LaptopMD today!

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